Face implant in Akron

Face Implant in Akron

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Face implants in Akron

An acronym facial cosmetic surgery we perform many different types of cosmetic surgeries and reconstructive surgeries. If you’re looking for a face implant in Akron, call her office is today. We offer the best in cosmetic reconstructions that can enhance the facial contours and angles and balance out the appearance.

A face implant in Akron targets areas like the chin, cheek or jaw. It changes the contours and reshapes the patient’s face to their liking. We can create a facial profile that the patient is happier with, making it more aesthetically pleasing and satisfying to them. Facial implants are typically made from solid silicone or gore-tex. This material is safe and commonly used. Sometimes the surgeon may need to do a bone graft or use donated tissue. Facial implants have a very short recovery time. The surgery itself is not long – usually between anywhere from 1-2 hours. Patients can return to their normal routine within a week. We can also do a complete facelift, which involves filling and restoring the areas of the face that have been depleted and that need to be rejuvenated. This helps create a more youthful, refreshing appearance. Our techniques are the safest and our doctor, Dr. Santin, highly qualified. His eye and precision make him a very popular surgeon.

A facelift can make a huge difference in someone’s appearance, sometimes making them look 10-15 years younger. To learn more, call our face implant in Akron office or visit our website. New patients can download the forms required to have for their first visit, such as financial consent forms and HIPAA forms. Don’t wait, call us today. We offer simple and refreshing services such as Botox and fillers as well. These procedures will have you looking your best at any age.

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