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Canton Facial Surgery

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Facial Surgery in Canton

When teeth don’t meet correctly an orthodontic treatment is used to correct the misaligned bite, but what happens when the upper and lower jaws don’t align correctly? This is a more serious condition that often requires (orthognathic) Canton facial surgery. Orthognathic surgery is done by Dr. John N. Santin when the jaws don’t meet as they should and/or the teeth don’t seem to fit into the jaw. Surgery is used to reposition the misaligned jaws. The jaws can get misaligned because they grow very slowly, but the two jaws may sometimes grow at different rates causing problems with chewing, speech, long-term oral health, TMJ pain, an open bite, breathing problems and appearance issues. An injury can also be responsible for jaw misalignment.

When our doctor consults with patients contemplating Canton facial surgery he uses computer technology and three-dimensional models to educate them in how the surgery will be approached. Our practice uses comprehensive facial x-rays and video imaging to show what the result will be in terms of an improved bite and how you will look. Our practice will work collaboratively with your dentist and orthodontist during the whole process. Often orthodontic treatments are performed before and after orthognathic surgery to ensure that the teeth are aligned with the realignment of the jaw.

Canton facial surgery is usually performed by making several cuts of the jaw or jaws if both are involved, and then repositioning of the jaw. Sometimes extra bone is added to elongate the jaw; this bone is usually taken from the hip area. The repositioned jaw is secured into place by screws or bone plates. The surgery is done under general anesthesia and does not involve any cutting of the skin on the outside of the face. There is usually only minor pain experienced after surgery and a liquid diet is followed until the jaw has healed satisfactorily. If you or your child suffers from misaligned jaws please make an appointment to have a consultation with Dr. Santin.

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